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WW1 Bastion in the Air

Discover Lincolnshire's First World War aviation heritage by viewing the re-creation of a Royal Flying Corps Airfield in the historic Dambusters' hangar at RAF Scampton.
This unique exhibition focusses on the air defence of Lincolnshire from 1915 to 1918 and the county's contribution to British airpower in the First World War.
The recreation of part of a Royal Flying Corps airfield features:
• Replica British DH2 and German Rumpler C.V11 : See full-zie replicas of these famous fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.
• Building of a replica British Sopwith Camel Aircraft : Visitors will witness the aircraft being built over the course of the exhibition.
• Wall of Heroes : Discover the stories of First World War airmen with a Lincolnshire connection, from those who served or fell far away to those who never left the country.
• Weaponry and Equipment : See how airmen lived in the field, including their uniforms and some of the weapons and equipment they used, including a rare original 1914 Premier motorcycle.
• Film Wall : Watch specially commissioned film footage and original wartime films
• The story of RAF Scampton : Previously known as Brattleby, discover how one of the few airfields which started life during World War One was created as part of the nascent air defence of the country against the Zeppelin threat.
You will also receive a tour of the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre which includes the historic 617 Squadron Dambusters' Hangar and the opportunity to step into Guy Gibson's private office, exactly as it was in 1943.

Don’t miss out on this super day out Friday 20th July we have 14 seats available.
Cost including lunch £40 per person – don’t forget to choose your meal from the menu.