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Destinations open for travel

This is a constantly changing situation but here is a guide.
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Remember at Marion Owen Travel we will keep you updated throughout from the day you book we will be there for you until you safely return to your home.
What to expect at the airport...
This is a real experience from one of our travel industry colleagues to give you a feel of what to expect when travelling today.
As I fly with my family to Ibiza today for a weeks holiday. We are sat at Birmingham airport, waiting to board now!
😍Honestly the smoothest I've ever known it...
🚌 Transfers to the airport, door to door service, masks, anti bac wipes & sanitiser all available. Driver wears a mask and loads of room for cases and your family can sit in the back in your own ‘bubble’
✈️Birmingham airport - quiet, Everyone respecting the rules, hand sanitising stations everywhere, really smooth process.
✅Through security In a couple of minutes
😷 masks only compulsory in some areas, the majority are advisory only
😬Only downside I can see so far is that there are limited restaurants/cafes/shops open.
Airside is the Duty free, WH Smith, Next and Boots. If you are happy with a meal deal like us then it’s just fine!
😍Overall it's been a breeze, if only it was this quick and easy all the time!
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